A message from System Beauty's founder

“I know first-hand the challenges of introducing and growing a boutique brand in today’s saturated cosmetic market. Expectations abound from all –customers, employees, retailers – and fulfilling the needs and wants of all parties involved in the pursuit of success can suck the energy out of you.  Logistical roadblocks hinder growth and cause unnecessary frustrations during periods critical to brand expansion. Order fulfillment is the backbone of delivering sales to the market, an activity that should deliver without stress and worry that detracts from the critical activity of creating sales.

My mission in founding System Beauty was to create a ‘halfway home’ for brands building their place in the cosmetic market. System Beauty exists to ease the back end of the beauty business, freeing the time and energy (and eliminating any headache!) you need so that you can continue to create, innovate, and flourish.” 

Mary Catherine Johnson